Giving voice and stage to global renewables and clean tech leaders.

Who we are

We aim to become the long-term communications and marketing partner for current and future renewable energy and clean technology leaders.

Our people are driven by being on the right side of history in the race to decarbonise. We believe emphatically that supporting the sector with better communications and stronger networks will accelerate this end.

We are specialists

We were set up in 2011 to work exclusively with businesses in and around the renewable energy & clean technology sectors.

Our senior team has been helping such businesses grow since the early 2000’s.

We have a global outlook

Our global headquarters is in Oxford, England.

Our North American headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

We work with renewable energy & clean technology businesses across six continents.

Our network spans the entire sector

We work with developers, technologies, financiers, service providers and the supply chain.

In the last year alone we’ve helped more than 300 such businesses grow.

What we do

We accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy and clean technology through better communications and stronger networks.

We do this by giving industry players, from established leaders to fast-growth pioneers, both voice and stage.

Better communications

PR & media

Marketing content & design

Public affairs

Stronger networks

Global conference and awards host

Membership community

Editorial & intelligence briefings

Market insight & research reports

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